A new online database aims to do what the federal government used to do until 10 years ago: provide detailed information on property taxes around the nation. Created by the Cambridge, Mass.-based Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Washington-based George Washington Institute of Public Policy, the database is divided into four major categories: General Characteristics of Local Taxation of Property; Property Tax Relief and Incentive Programs; Structural Arrangements of Property Assessments; and Census Data.

The former Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations provided similar date in its Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism publication until budget cuts in 1996 led to the commission's dissolution. The name of the new database, Significant Features of Property Tax, was selected as a tribute to the old publication.

The Web site allows users interested in a specific state to view the information through state summary tables, while those wishing to compare information across states can generate customized tables for multiple states on a specific topic. Visit the Significant Features of Property Tax database.