Look for more government staffers to rely on standing desks, says Jason McCann, VARIDESK chief executive officer. The firm offers a variety of sit-stand desktops and other active office products. The company’s offerings can be found in government organizations, educational institutions and businesses of all sizes. A recent GPN poll supports the concept that government workers see value in standing desks and similar products. More than half of the poll respondents (53 percent) said that standing desks boost worker productivity.  Below are Jason McCann’s views.

GPN: Your firm's products have won many design awards---is that a sign of the wide acceptance VARIDESK products have in the marketplace?

Jason McCann: Yes, we have seen a global acceptance of VARIDESK products. We designed and built the first VARIDESK to disrupt the furniture market because the products on the market were too expensive, difficult to assemble and took weeks to deliver. Within a few years of launching our first product, we have counted 90 percent of the Fortune 500 as customers, and we have shipped our firm’s products to more than 130 countries.

Those proof points show that our fans enjoy our product and we have succeeded in building a height-adjustable desk solution that is affordable, requires no assembly and is delivered within a few days. That’s what the workforce of the future needs – something accessible that also encourages activity, productivity and flexibility.

GPN: Is a key selling point of the VARIDESK line the fact that your products sit right on top of a worker's current desk, and that there's no assembly and no installation?

JM: Absolutely. Simplicity is always top-of-mind in our product design. Our customers lead busy lives, and today, no one wants to pull out a tool box to spend hours installing a new piece of furniture. Instead, we want to help them by providing height-adjustable desktop solutions that arrive fully assembled and ready to go.

Also, adding VARIDESK to an office doesn’t require throwing out any existing pieces, so it’s a great way to extend the life of current office furniture, which is especially important for government entities looking to transition with the times while also maximizing budget dollars.

GPN: Are more government offices & workplaces using standing desks now and into 2018?

JM: Yes, in fact government institutions are leading adopters of height-adjustable desk solutions. They know that the needs of employees are changing, and that employees that move throughout the day are happier, healthier and more productive. Government offices, like most employers, are looking for an inexpensive way to create workspaces that lead to better results for the institution and the employee – and they have found that solution in VARIDESK.

GPN: Is your firm's line of file cabinets designed to work specifically with your sit-stand products?

JM: We designed all VARIDESK products to function and look the very best when paired with each other, but they will work great with almost any office furniture solution. Like all our products, the cabinets are designed for what we consider the office of the future – a space that’s flexible, scalable and affordable, and that encourages activity. That’s why the file cabinets come fully assembled and on wheels, so they can be easily moved as an office evolves.

GPN: What's the next frontier in the standing desk arena? Smart ellipticals, treadmills? Fitness accessories? Biofeedback monitors to improve posture and balance?

JM: The changing workforce demographic calls for a transformation of work culture, so the office of the future will be flexible, scalable and encourage people to move throughout the day.

Technology advances daily life in many ways, but as far as health is concerned, the best technology is nothing new – people need to be moving throughout the day. Embracing an active and engaging environment brings benefits to both employers and employees and impacts both recruitment and retention. Having happy, healthy, and productive employees reduces absenteeism, sick days and health care expenditures.

GPN: Do standing desks remain a healthy alternative for government workers and other workers?

JM: Yes, absolutely. Mayo Clinic research shows that sitting 6+ hours a day puts people on a potentially harmful track, even with exercise. Adding sit-stand desks to an office is one of the most significant changes any government or other employer can make to encourage people to move throughout the day. By helping to make the workforce less sedentary today, employers can help increase productivity, decrease back pain and make employees happier as they move into the future.

In the video, Daymond John, star of Shark Tank and CEO of The Shark Group shares his thoughts on VARIDESK after his office was transformed with height-adjustable standing desks, monitor arms and other sit-stand desk accessories.


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