Our recent Government Product News-American City & County poll covering standing desks in the workplace shows almost 40 percent of respondents believe governments should provide standing desks to all employees. About the same percentage of respondents believe more of their co-workers will be doing their jobs at standing desks in the future. A total of 314 government officials and others took part in the poll.

GPN reached out to Daniel Yellin, Retail and Affiliate Manager at Focal Upright, to get his views on the role of standing desks in offices and other work environments. The company’s award-winning ergonomic office furniture encourages active sitting so you can twist and spin into a more engaging work environment. Some of the firm’s products: the Locus standing desk and seat, the Mobis II seat and the Confluence conference table.

GPN: Do you see any trends in the use of standing desks? Will more offices/workplaces start using standing desks in 2017?

Daniel Yellin: "Standing desks have been around for centuries. Da Vinci used one, Jefferson used one, Churchill used one, and yet, not until quite recently has the standing desk permeated the public consciousness. The question is, why has it taken so long?

Well, the office has looked pretty much the same for 100 years, and only recently have innovative companies come along to try and revamp and rethink how we work based on scientific data. In the 1980s, seatbelt usage became law in states across the U.S. as studies came out that showed that seatbelts reduced traffic fatalities.

Over the past few years, studies have come out, and continue to come out, about the health hazards of sedentary behavior in the office. The market for standing desks, leaning seats, perching stools, and other tools to promote healthy office activity will explode as the medical community and companies like ours, Focal Upright, continue to push their message out to the public.

GPN: Can you please tell us what sets your firm’s products apart?

DY: Focal Upright products inspire play, enhance your work experience, and offer you the freedom to move the way you want. Our company’s products break out of the sit-stand dichotomy, giving people a third option that is better for you. This third posture encourages a hip to torso angle between 130 to 135 degrees and promotes natural movement.

Researchers have determined that his posture puts the least amount of stress on your body and allows your mind to stay focused. You get all the benefits of standing (like boosted energy, improved circulation, and enhanced core engagement), the comfort of sitting, and the envy of those still trapped in their chair while you make work play.

In the video, see a demonstration of Focal Upright’s Pivot, a minimalist task seat. Unlike most chairs that feebly surrender as your posture deteriorates into a sluggish slump, the Pivot Seat keeps you active all day.


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