HIPPO Multipower truck-mounted units provide hydraulic, air, electric and welding power wherever it’s needed. Each unit is self-sufficient—incorporating its own diesel engine. The systems don’t add idle hours to a truck’s engine. They are suited for municipalities, transit systems, highway and transportation departments, maintenance operations and government contractors. Go here for details on how the unit meets government needs. The company's site is here.

Available in either the P-Model (powered by your truck’s PTO) or the E-Model (powered by an integrated diesel engine), the units increase productivity and help eliminate downtime. No matter which model you choose, the HIPPO Multipower unit can be mounted curbside or street side, giving you the flexibility to tackle any job.

The addition of an E-Model to your agency’s truck allows you to operate your HIPPO Multipower unit in states with even the most stringent engine idle laws. Need power in tunnels, mines or other confined areas? No problem when you use the diesel-powered HIPPO E-Models. Below are descriptions for some of the firm's models.

Power Plant

A complete mobile power resource, the company’s Power Plant delivers four types of power from a single efficient unit. The assembly has engineering and components that have been tested and approved by the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The system will perform in all severe duty applications.


The company’s Hurricane model takes the output of the Power Plant up one notch by delivering 100 cfm of air. With the model, there’s no need hitch up the pull-behind compressor—the HIPPO Hurricane has the air power you need and then some.

Power Pack

The HIPPO Power Pack is a smaller unit designed for truck-mounted applications. The Power Pack provides air, electric and welding from the bed of your truck.

Power Pack Plus

This is a compact unit with hydraulic power. The Power Pack Plus is a good choice for truck-mounted applications that require hydraulic, air, electric and welding power anywhere, any time.

The video outlines the entire product line for HIPPO Multipower.


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