Government Product News (GPN): How has your industry’s involvement with the public sector evolved over the past few years?

Dave George (DG): Where the public sector was once reluctant to change or resistant to adopting new technologies, it has now become open to new, innovative products and is definitely a growing category. 

​GPN: What are some new innovations that have been integrated into your industry’s products recently?

DG: Cellular growth has created a huge demand for wireless accessories for push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC), such as headsets, earpieces and PTT buttons, that access PTT applications for messaging and managing specific operations.  Other recent innovations that appeal to government users include softer, more flexible braided fiber cables and quick to change earpieces for easy cleaning, replacement or sharing.

GPN: What is the biggest misunderstanding/myth that you think public sector professionals may believe about doing business with your industry or using your industry’s products?

DG: There was once the perception among public sector professionals that wireless was not a secure network and that it could be unreliable.  The majority of that myth seems to have been dispelled as government users realize there are more pros than cons with wireless as compared to other networks like land mobile radio.  Wireless can be just as secure as LMR, yet is more reliable in terms of network coverage, connection and clarity. 

​GPN: What should local government professionals consider most when buying and/or using products within your industry?

DG: The temptation to focus only on the biggest brands doesn’t always mean government entities are getting the top technologies, nor do they typically provide the best service or even the most efficient pricing.  Government technology is usually better served by smaller, more nimble manufacturers who have the ability to engineer and deliver customized, affordable solutions in a timely manner.



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