​GPN: How has your industry’s involvement with the public sector evolved over the past few years?

MB: Multipower solutions are becoming the norm. As the multipower sector gains traction it is becoming evident to directors and field service technicians that having a single power source providing hydraulic, air, electric, welding and battery charging/jump starting capabilities is highly productive.

A single source unit takes up less space and requires less maintenance than the old school individual components. Multipower is one supplier one contact solution.

What are some new innovations that have been integrated into your industry’s products recently? 

With the known issues associated with Tier 4 re-gen at low idle, there are new innovations that provide self-contained diesel power eliminating the necessity to run your truck. Having onboard power reduces run hours and extends the overall life expectancy of most service vehicles. 

What is the biggest misunderstanding/myth that you think public sector professionals may believe about doing business with your industry or using your industry’s products? 

The biggest misunderstanding/myth is that most suppliers force you into believing you must purchase the standard off-the-shelf unit. This is not true. Multipower is modular and adaptive.

For example, if you need 100-cfm of air at 100-psi and two 10-gal hydraulic tool circuits, but do not have a need for the standard 8.5-kva 240 3-phase generator, we adjust the unit design and eliminate the generator to provide you with the essential components you need to get the job done.

What should local government professionals consider most when buying and/or using products within your industry? 

The product quality and capabilities for the price is key in selecting a unit. Another important factor to review closely is service, support and parts availability from the manufacturer. 



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