The Industry Advisory Council's (IAC) Acquisition Management Shared Interest Group has announced the release of a white paper intended to explain the ethics rules that apply to some of the most common situations that may arise when government and industry employees interact.

This white paper is part of an ongoing IAC effort to provide relevant information to the organization's members about matters related to government Standards of Conduct. In addition to this paper, IAC currently features links on the home page to the Office of Government Ethics, a list of organizations that provide ethics training, the IAC Code of Conduct, and a bimonthly "Legal Corner" column focused on ethics issues.

The Acquisition Management SIG's Practical Guide to Common Ethics Questions provides straightforward descriptions of key ethics provisions, including scenarios illustrating the application of ethics rules to common situations that may occur as government and industry employees work together. Topics covered in the paper include gifts and gratuities, gifts between government employees, bribes, kickbacks, post-employment issues, government-industry information exchange issues, and maintaining confidential information in federal procurements.

"It is critically important for both government and industry to have a practical understanding of the primary rules that ensure integrity in the conduct of government business. This Guide will serve as a useful reference for all IAC members," said Kathy Conrad, Chair of the IAC Acquisition SIG Ethics Task Force.

"One of IAC's fundamental principles is to serve as an open and ethical forum for industry and government collaboration," said Dan Matthews, IAC Vice Chair for Shared Interest Groups. "This guide, as part of an ongoing focus on ethics, clarifies some of the issues facing both public and private sector individuals."

To download the paper, click here.