Editor’s note: Experts at US Federal Contractor Registration say that federal spending often accelerates as the end of the federal fiscal year approaches on Sept. 30. Go here to learn more.

Christopher Bloomer of Aventis Systems shows agencies how to strategically allocate IT budgets before the end of the federal fiscal year (FY). For federal agencies, FY 2018 starts Oct. 1. Bloomer is Senior Government Sales Manager for Aventis.

Aventis Systems offers custom IT solutions to build and operate complete physical and virtual infrastructures. The firm’s solutions include refurbished and new hardware, system and application software, and an array of in-depth managed services. These services include infrastructure consultation, cloud hosting and migration, virtualization deployment, data and disaster recovery, security consultation, hardware relocation and equipment buyback. The firm is based in Atlanta. Christopher Bloomer’s views follow.

Tis the season when government agencies are carefully mapping out how they’ll utilize their remaining budgets before they lose those dollars at the close of the fiscal year. Below are a few easy ways agencies can get the most IT bang for their bucks before the end of September.

New Equipment

The introduction of a new bill, called the Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT), in May 2017 funds agency efforts to modernize their IT equipment. The reasons? First, and foremost, most government technology systems date back multiple decades, opening them up to security breaches. In addition, approximately 75 percent of IT budgets are spent maintaining existing or legacy systems.  Government agencies can take advantage of the Modernizing Government Technology Act before the end of the fiscal year by borrowing funds from a general modernization fund, which is repaid with the savings from the new equipment. Editor's note: Go here for information on the MGT Act.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!

Security vulnerabilities, better optimization and functionality, preventing bugs and avoiding the pitfalls of end-of-life programs, are just a few of the reasons government entities should consider investing in software upgrades and special opportunities. In addition, federal agencies need to upgrade to ensure they are in compliance with data security laws and regulations. The approaching end of this federal fiscal year is a prime time for IT administrators to consider hardware upgrades at the same time as software upgrades to fully maximize budgets.

Engage an Expert

In an effort to “use it” not “lose it,” many government agencies spend their remaining budgets on IT equipment they may not need or may not support their future technology plans. Good technology vendors not only sell top-rated IT equipment, they should also serve as an agency’s strategic partner. Government buyers should leverage their relationships with technology vendors to map out a real plan to complement current technology systems and position them for continued growth. In addition, many IT vendors offer free value-added services that should be taken advantage of. For example, Aventis Systems offers complimentary technical evaluations and statement of work evaluations.

There’s still time for government buyers to take advantage of remaining IT budgets to improve technology systems, protect information security, and set up plans for success in the coming year.

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