In 2015, a study by Brandeis University listed Albany, New York as one of the worst cities in the nation for equitable neighborhood opportunities for the healthy development of Hispanic and black children. Jonathan Jones, Commissioner of Recreation, Youth & Workforce, with the partnership of Mayor Kathy Sheehan, decided to do something about it.

“We sat down and built a 5-year capital plan, and we are 3 years into implementation. We’ve redone 11 parks and many have intergenerational features, like fitness equipment to help the whole family. Each new park has ADA compliant equipment, so all of our residents could play,” says Jones. “Albany is a neighborhood city, and the parks connect the neighborhoods.” 

To select the right partners, the city of Albany chose to utilize the park and playground cooperative contract through U.S. Communities based on the financial value they could provide for the community.

Choosing the vendor for the playground project was an additional process. After meeting with vendors, they selected KOMPAN based on their unique sense of style. As a leader in playground design, quality and customer service it was a natural fit. With this partnership the city of Albany has been able to put unique designs into each of the new parks, reflecting the unique architecture and geography of their surroundings. 

“It’s been life changing in the sense that kids keep coming back to playgrounds, and people are traveling to different neighborhoods to use different parks. Because each park is different people are moving from one to another, and it’s more inclusive for the city because people are using all of the play spaces,” continues Jones.

Revitalizing Albany’s playgrounds and parks created wonderful spaces for citizens to come together, igniting the community.

About U.S. Communities:

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Shaping happier and healthier societies is KOMPAN’s mission. We do that by stimulating physical activity, learning and social interaction in the solutions we offer. For over 45 years, KOMPAN has been designing unique play solutions for its customers. It has always been KOMPAN’s wish that as children and adolescents evolve into adulthood they preserve the joy and health benefits of movement. With healthy and happy adults as role models, the children of the future will be more likely to follow their lead – creating an ongoing legacy of movement. KOMPAN’s solutions are developed for all people and communities to enjoy the benefits of play and movement.