While there are no established standards for the newly evolving category of High-Performance Roofing systems, there are key questions that building owners can ask to determine if a roofing system satisfies criteria under each of the Five E’s of HPRs.

HPR 1: Energy

  • Does the roof meet ENERGY STAR criteria?
  • Have you determined potential energy savings using EPA ENERGY STAR online calculator?
  • Does the roof meet the ASHRAE 90.1 standard, making it eligible for Federal tax deductions?
  • In California, does the roof meet the requirements of Title 24?

HPR 2a: Environment/External

  • Is the roof certified by the ENERGY STAR Roofing Products Program?
  • Does the roof earn points toward USGBC LEED credits?
  • Is a system/material LCA available?
  • Is a roof tear-off required?
  • How many runs to the local landfill are needed with this roofing system?
  • Is the roofing material recyclable?
  • Does the roofing manufacturer have a recycling program?

HPR 2b: Environmental/Internal

  • Does the roof system moderate temperatures in summer and winter, even w/o air conditioning?
  • Does your roofing system provide one- or two-way ventilation?

HPR 3: Endurance

  • What is the roofing manufacturer’s reputation? How many years in business?
  • What is the range of service longevity for this type of roofing system with this manufacturer in this area? Other areas?
  • Does the manufacturer inspect the roof after installation?
  • Local references for manufacturer? Contractor?
  • What is the roofing contractor’s reputation? How many years in business?
  • Are contractor employees fully trained, supervised at job site?
  • Does the manufacturer train, monitor, grade the contractor?
  • What have been the primary reasons for system failure with this type of roof? How were they resolved?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • Does it cover the entire roofing system, including installation defects?
  • Exclusions and fees in the warranty? (Ponding water? Free repair/replacement in case of failure? Consequential damages?
  • Maintenance/repair: How often? How much? How easy? Local references?

HPR 4: Economics

  • Can you provide an LCC analysis that includes installation costs, tear-off and disposal, estimated maintenance and repair and potential energy savings over the life of the roof?
  • What are the estimated maintenance and repair costs per year?
  • Does this roofing system require tear-off and disposal?
  • Is this a custom pre-fabricated system that can be installed more quickly with less labor and reduced waste-related expenses?

HPR 5: Engineering

  • Is this the best roofing system for my roof deck? My building? This climate?
  • Has drainage been adequately designed to ensure water runoff?
  • Does the roof meet all local roofing code specs?
  • Is custom pre-fabrication an option?
  • Are roof materials energy efficient, environmentally friendly, durable?
  • Is the roofing material naturally fire resistant?
  • Can you provide a wind calc for me?
  • Is this a fully integrated roofing system that provides watertight performance while enhancing the performance of other building components?