Jason Axelrod

Content Producer,
American City & County

Jason Axelrod is an award-winning journalist who has written and reported for The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Business Journal and Mother Nature Network, among other news outlets. Jason holds a Master of Mass Communication degree from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from The University of Georgia. 



California wildfires spark issues of bilingual emergency communications
As wildfires continue to sweep across California, issues concerning emergency communications with the Spanish-speaking population have surfaced.
Officer with PTSD from Pulse massacre to lose job
An Eatonville, Fla. police officer hailed as a hero in the 2016 Orlando, Fla. Pulse nightclub massacre will lose his job after 10 years on the force due to mental issues developed after the massacre.
Incubating an economy
Cities are using different approaches to cultivate small business growth through publicly-funded incubators.
Cities pitch innovative solutions for grants in nationwide challenge
A handful of lucky cities will win up to $5 million as part of a nationwide philanthropic challenge by pitching compelling and innovative solutions to city problems.
Plastic bag, container bans sweep New England cities
Several New England cities have either passed bans on plastic retail bags and containers or had such regulations instated this month.
Law enforcement agencies apply for federal immigration enforcement program despite backlash
A controversial federal program that expands local police immigration enforcement powers has seen renewed interest under the Trump Administration.
Aging municipal water piping prompts replacement
As water conduits continue to age, cities are undergoing the arduous and expensive task of replacing it.
The 10 U.S. cities offering the best quality of life
Financial advice and technology site NerdWallet analyzed 177 U.S. cities with over 150,000 people using data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey to determine which U.S. cities offer the best quality of life. Is your city among them?
Palm Springs elects entirely LGBTQ city council
After its newest two members are sworn in, Palm Springs, Calif’s city council will be entirely LGBTQ.
Iowa gas tax hike fuels local road infrastructure
A 2015 gas tax increase has greatly aided state and local road construction across Iowa.
Former Tallahassee employee sues city over favoritism in hurricane restoration
A former Tallahassee, Fla., employee has filed a lawsuit that accuses the city of playing favorites when restoring power after Hurricane Hermine struck the city in September 2016.
Cook County proposes sexual harassment trainings amid inmate-related harassment lawsuits
Cook County, Ill., officials have recommended that county staff undergo annual sexual harassment training to ensure safer workplaces as two federal lawsuits accuse county officials of not doing enough to stop harassment from inmates.
Cities impose taxes on Airbnb
As Airbnb and other short-term rental companies continue to gain prominence and widespread adoption, cities have begun levying taxes on the rentals.
Bill Gates-controlled investment firm plans to build smart city in Arizona desert
What’s currently a swathe of Arizona desert will become the first smart city built from scratch.
State and local transgender lawmakers elected
Election Day 2017 proved to be a watershed moment for the transgender community as several trans lawmakers were elected across the country.