Jason Axelrod

Content Producer,
American City & County

Jason Axelrod is an award-winning journalist who has written and reported for The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Business Journal and Mother Nature Network, among other news outlets. Jason holds a Master of Mass Communication degree from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from The University of Georgia. 



Amid the rise of sanctuary cities, some eschew the term, enforce federal immigration laws
Despite federal officials’ denouncements of sanctuary cities, many have defiantly held their ground on immigration. Others, however, have opted to eschew the title, with some enforcing immigration laws more heavily than before.
St. Louis sues NFL over Rams’ relocation
The City and County of St. Louis are both suing the National Football League over last year's relocation of the Rams football franchise to Los Angeles.
Two major cities commit to 100 percent renewable energy for government, community needs
Many cities across the U.S. have pledged to use renewable energy for all or a large portion of their energy needs. This week, two major cities joined the movement.
Hacker sounds Dallas weather sirens for 95 minutes
A hacker created a cacophonous symphony using all 156 of Dallas’ weather sirens as his instruments. The tumult lasted over an hour and a half Friday night and went on until early Saturday morning.
Austin public safety officials ramp up response to synthetic drug outbreak
An increased wave of incidents tied to a synthetic drug has led Austin, Texas, public safety officials to increase their response.
Albuquerque scammed out of at least $400,000 in electronic fraud scheme 1
A fraudulent billing scheme has swindled Albuquerque, N.M. out of over $400,000.
The 50 best small and mid-size cities for entrepreneurs
A new survey by small and mid-size city research site Livability and Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the 50 best small and mid-sized cities for entrepreneurship. Is your city on the list?
Cloud financial platform helps promote local government budget transparency
Cities and counties across the U.S. are using the OpenGov platform to make their budgets transparent for residents.
Another city calls for Trump investigation
On April 3, Cambridge, Mass., became the latest in a series of cities to pass a motion to ask Congress to investigate President Trump.
Officials move quickly to minimize danger in Atlanta highway collapse
First responders, construction crews, state and city officials worked feverishly and continue doing so to mitigate fallout from a major highway overpass collapse in Atlanta.
Phoenix sells city-owned property online amid land management concerns
Phoenix officials are unloading city-owned properties to generate revenue, cut costs and alleviate concerns about its land management practices.
Financing history
Cities use historic property tax incentives to preserve the past and bolster economies.
Seattle creates nation's first renters' commission
In a national first, the Seattle government has created a renters' commission to advocate for renter-related laws in the city.
Des Moines metro ranked fastest growing city in Midwest; continues area’s growth trend
New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the Iowa capital’s metro is the fastest growing city in the Midwest, which continues a growth trend for the area.
Municipalities obtain and use solar through different means
Solar energy continues to be a burgeoning energy source that cities are increasingly tapping into. However, the exact ways such cities acquire and use the solar energy differs across municipalities.