Derek Prall

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Derek Prall is a multiple award-winning international journalist whose held numerous positions with a variety of print and online publications including the New Jersey Herald, The Public Manager Magazine and TD magazine. He's a 2008 graduate of Furman University holding bachelor's degrees in both English Literature and Communications Studies.


American City & County's 2017 Leadership Awards
Each year American City & County honors public officials from across the county for their impressive accomplishments and outstanding leadership with the Municipal Leader, the County Leader, and the Public Works Official of the Year awards.
Driving big data
By helping local governments work smarter, telematics systems are saving time, money and lives.
Top 10 cities for UFO sightings
Just in time for Halloween, data shows residents of these 10 cities are the most likely to see unexplained lights in the sky. Are they visitors from another world, experimental aircraft or just overactive imaginations? No one knows for sure, but for believers, the truth is out there.
Millennials in transit
Young peoples’ shifting attitudes regarding transportation will change the way our cities operate.
The 25 worst cities for raising a family
Personal finance website WalletHub analyzed the 150 most populated American cities using 41 metrics to determine the best and worst places to raise a family. We've included the bottom 25 cities here. Is your city on the list?
Coop Purchasing: Where is it Headed?
Several emerging trends and experts offer clues.
The social net-worth
Social media isn’t just for cat memes and selfies; these networks are powerful tools local governments are using to connect and communicate with their residents in ways never before possible.
The trust bank 1
When scandal hits, local governments have to ensure the ‘trust account’ they share with residents doesn’t become overdrawn
The 25 worst run cities in America
Personal finance site Wallethub compared 150 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 33 indicators across six categories to determine which cities are administered the best. Is yours on the list?
Helping our heroes
Communities across the country are working to help veterans address issues of mental health and homelessness with creativity and compassion.
The weakest link in your cybersecurity chain 1
Cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and severity, but the best defense may not be technological at all.
Better behavior on both sides of the badge
Body-worn cameras are improving transparency, integrity and legitimacy in America’s police departments.
Working together
Co-ops are changing the way governments do business, and as a result, procurement is becoming a team sport.
The 50 best small and mid-size cities for entrepreneurs
A new survey by small and mid-size city research site Livability and Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the 50 best small and mid-sized cities for entrepreneurship. Is your city on the list?
Trump's America
Local leaders wonder what the new administration means for them while working to heal a dangerously fractured electorate