Derek Prall

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Derek Prall is a multiple award-winning international journalist who has held numerous positions with a variety of print and online publications including the New Jersey Herald, The Public Manager Magazine and TD magazine. He's a 2008 graduate of Furman University holding bachelor's degrees in both English Literature and Communications Studies.


The digital dragnet
Facial recognition technology, if left unchecked, could fundamentally change what it means to be an American.
Multiple cities clip Bird's wings
Several cities are pushing back against Bird, an on-demand electric scooter app. The company thinks its vehicles will solve first- and last-mile transportation issues, but many municipalities want regulatory framework in place before adopting the service.
Denver Police Department rolls out new use-of-force policy
The Denver Police Department's new use-of-force policy, which took over a year to draft, was designed with the hopes of increasing public trust and fostering better relations between police and the community.
Managing transportation
As more on-demand travel options become available, cities’ transportation networks are evolving.
Frustrated, demoralized Seattle police officers leave department 1
Due to frustrations over local politics and steadily declining morale, Seattle police officers are leaving the force in what the city’s police union is calling a “mass exodus.”
Coming soon to your town?
When hate groups decide to demonstrate, it can ignite a community – literally and figuratively. Here’s how you can keep the powder keg from exploding.
Charleston apologizes for slavery after contentious vote
Charleston, S.C., voted to formally apologize for its role in promoting and upholding the institution of slavery, but the move wasn’t without controversy.
Higher wages for elected officials attract new talent, create tension
Several communities are increasing the pay for their elected officials, citing concerns of being able to attract the right talent for the positions. However, some of these increases are also creating tension, as wages in the private sector are largely stagnant.
The 10 cities in America with the lowest quality of life
The quality of life varies drastically from city to city, and although the economy is showing signs of strength and other positive indicators are growing, many communities are still struggling.
When the levee breaks
We’re reaching the point of no return with global climate change, and without immediate intervention, irrevocable damage may be done.
UPDATE: Illinois communities file suit against drug manufacturers, doctors
Several towns and municipalities across Illinois filed suit today against pharmaceutical manufacturers and three suburban doctors, saying these parties significantly contributed to the opioid epidemic in their communities. They are seeking an injunction against the defendants as well as damages.
Earning a Seat at the Table
As procurement matures, the profession is finding its voice
Think big, start small, move fast
Innovation neighborhoods are helping cities test out smart initiatives at a quicker pace and more attainable scale.
Prisons, privatization and profit
Constrained correctional budgets have local leaders looking for solutions, but is privatization really the best option?
San Francisco escalates scooter skirmish
Last week the San Francisco public works department impounded dozens of the personal motorized vehicles. This comes only two weeks after three companies – Lime, Bird and Spin – deployed fleets of scooters across the city.
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