There are more than 3,600 ready-to-go local infrastructure projects around the nation that, if funded by a proposed federal economic recovery package, could provide more than 532,000 jobs, according to a survey by the Kansas City, Mo.-based American Public Works Association (APWA). The $15 billion in projects could begin within 90 days of getting funding.

Several local government associations have proposed funding such projects as a means to stimulate the economy, and APWA President Noel Thompson said in a statement that the government should approve the money soon. "Local communities are suffering, Americans are without jobs and our infrastructure is in a critical state of disrepair," Thompson said. "It's clear that a commitment to funding our desperately needed transportation, water, sewer and other projects will put more people to work and help sustain long-term economic activity."

The projects identified in the survey include road widening, traffic light and signal repair work, highway intersection improvements, sewer line replacements, pedestrian underpass safety improvements and more. "Local communities have to pick and choose which projects to complete instead of doing all of the needed work," Thompson said. "There are projects that are ready and waiting."

View more information in APWA's article, "APWA Identifies $15B in "Shovel-ready" Projects".

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